Integra Blockchain Co. Unveils Smart Leases for Real Estate

Integra Ledger, the legal blockchain developer, is to unveil ‘smart lease’ technology which will allow real estate lawyers to add blockchain functionality to property contracts using existing document software platforms such as Microsoft Word.

How Blockchain is Disrupting the Legal Industry

Court cases have been won and lost based on whether prosecutors can establish the chain of custody, and it’s not uncommon to hear stories of evidence going missing or being accidentally destroyed. Using blockchain to store and to standardize all of this data could offer the same security as a paper trail but with less of the hassle.

Blockchain and Interoperable Legal Tech Builds A2J Use Cases

The Global Legal Hackathon brings access to justice issues to an international stage and demonstrates how blockchain technology has the potential to deliver legal services “better, faster and cheaper.”

30 Practical Uses: Blockchain Technology You Should Know

Bitcoin isn’t the only use of blockchain technology! This article identifies 30 other uses across entertainment, real estate, and more.