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Blockchain: technology making in-roads but not yet to transform legal sector

Blockchain technology in the legal industry is moving from hype and speculation about the impact, to a deeper understanding of its potential impact.
July 2019

Blockchain Use in Real Estate

This article discusses the positive impact blockchain will have in real estate investment, development and in the market, as predicted by a CEO in the tech industry.
July 2019

Blockchain Explained: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding How Blockchain Works

Blockchain technology explained in simple terms.
July 2019

Blockchain for Legal Services: Revolution or Evolution!

This article discusses the prediction that the legal industry may be slow to adopt blockchain technology, only after clients and customers move to adopt blockchain.
July 2019

Blockchain impact on the legal industry is sure to be long-lived

This article speculates that blockchain technology will revolutionize the legal industry and that will significantly disrupt the legal profession.
June 2019

Blockchain, Explained

Learn about what blockchain is and how it works, including public vs. private blockchains, discussion of practical applications, and more.
June 2019

Top Emerging Blockchain Technology Trends in 2019

Blockchain technology has made its way into various industry verticals, thus making blockchain trends the most searched for keywords.
June 2019

The biggest companies in the world are using blockchain

This article discusses the impact blockchain technology has had on some of the biggest companies in the world, including JPMorgan and Citigroup.
May 2019

Blockchain Consortia: A legal roadmap to a dynamically changing regulatory landscape in the US and the EU

This article speculates that companies will continue to dedicate resources to blockchain consortia.
May 2019

Washington State signs bill recognizing blockchain technology into law

On April 26th, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signed SB 5638 – an act recognizing the validity of distributed ledger technology into law.
April 2019

Blockchain trial claims property transaction process can be cut from 3 months to 3 weeks

GLBC member, Search Acumen, participated in a trial to see how much faster certain property transactions could be using blockchain technology.
April 2019

As Blockchain Booms, Law Firm Recruiting Tries to Keep Up

Legal recruiters say there’s still huge demand for blockhain expertise, as well as lawyers who understand data privacy.
April 2019

The Current and Future Implications of Cryptocurrency for the Legal Industry

While this article focused on cryptocurrency, it acknowledges there are plenty of practical blockchain applications that can benefit attorneys.
April 2019

Blockchain’s Transformative Technology and Its Potential Impact on the Law: Are We There Yet?

This article argues that, despite its shortcomings, blockchain technology is here to stay.
Mar 2019

Ohio County Auditors Explore Blockchain for Real Estate Transactions

This article discusses the formation of a working group to explore the use of blockchain for the effective transfer of property deeds.
Mar 2019

The Rise of Smart Legal Agreements

Watch a panel of industry experts discuss Smart Legal Agreements during the DC Blockchain Summit.
Mar 2019

Blockchain: Separating the fact and fiction

In spite of the fact that many think blockchain is overhyped, this article discusses several very good practical reasons why it should be on everyone’s radar.
Jan 2019

The State of Law FIrm Innovation 2018

Based on the results of a survey, the author discusses what firms think about innovation, how their culture supports it, and how much they invest in it.
Jan 2019

How Blockchain Will be a Game Changer for Real-estate Industry

This article discusses how the use of Smart Contracts will drastically simplify the processes for both buyers and sellers in real-estate transactions.
Jan 2019

Blockchain 101: A General Counsel’s Guide

This article discusses what general counsel’s need to pay attention to with regards to blockchain, both the potential risks and the opportunities.
Jan 2019

IT2 with David Fisher

David Terrar discusses the GLBC, the GLH and GROWL. All things blockchain and legaltech.
Jan 2019

Demo of a Real World Developed Blockchain

During the Hyperledger conference in Switzerland, David Berger discusses real-world use-cases for blockchain in legal.
Dec 2018

How opportunistic regulation can stifle innovation in blockchain

This article discusses the opinion that regulating technology with overly simplistic views can stifle innovation.
Dec 2018

IBM and Columbia University To Accerate Blockchain Ventures

IBM and Columbia University launched two accelerator programs for blockchain startups.
Nov 2018

Blockchains Don’t Have to Be Perfect, They Just Have to Be Better

Even with blockchain technology, do we still need to trust the person inputting the data? This article discusses that question.
Oct 2018

Five Crucial Challenges for Blockchain to Overcome

Deloitte has highlighted five hurdles that the technology must overcome to hasten widespread adoption.
Oct 2018

Ethereum Cofounder Invests $6.5 Million In A Former Competitor

In a rapidly evolving blockchain ecosystem, two former competitors come together.
Oct 2018

Austin is Piloting Blockchain to Improve Homeless Services

This article argues that the real potential of blockchain is its capability to solve real human challenges in a decentralized, private, and secure way.
Oct 2018

ARAA Group Becomes Dubai’s First Blockchain Law Firm

Araa Group of Advocates and Legal Consultants has become Dubai’s first blockchain based law firm after signing a collaborative partnership with e-Mal.
Sept 2018

Roll Up, Roll Up! Clause’s Smart Contracts Open To All, From Tomorrow

Clause makes their smart contracts open to everyone as of September 26.
Sept 2018

Blockchain for Digital Advertising – Cure All or Disruption?

Many believe blockchain based platforms could fundamentally transform major industries, especially financial services and global trade. But how could blockchain impact digital advertising?
Sept 2018

Mishcon Chairs Smart Contract Accord Project Real Estate Group

The Accord Project, the smart legal contract consortium co-created by Clause, has announced the launch of a new working group for real estate and construction industries.
Sept 2018

NetDocuments Discusses Blockchain Integration

Hear Peter Buck and Brad Clements from NetDocuments talk with Legal Talk Network about their blockchain integration.
Sept 2018

Being a Blockchain Enabled Firm

During the GLBC Annual Meeting, Glynna Christian from Orrick and David Fisher from Integra Ledger discuss how law firms can integrate blockchain.
August 2018

Blockchain Unlocked

Blockchain Unlocked is a three-day executive and certificate academy at Berkeley consisting of lectures, workshops, and guest presentations from the industry’s foremost educators and leaders..
August 2018

Mastercard Patent Filings Tout Blockchain for Immutable Data Records

Payment services giant Mastercard is looking at the use of blockchain for keeping track of consumer payments, newly published patent filings suggest.
Sept 2018

ALA Demonstrates Blockchain Integration

During the GLBC Annual meeting, James Cornell discusses the blockchain project that the Association of Legal Administrators took on during the Global Legal Hackathon.
August 2018

Legaler Demonstrates Blockchain Integration

During the GLBC Annual Meeting, Stevie Ghiassi from Legaler discusses and demonstrates their blockchain integration.
August 2018

NetDocuments Demonstrates Blockchain Integration

During the GLBC Annual Meeting, NetDocuments demonstrates the 2 ways they have integrated blockchain into their platform.
August 2018

Brian Kuhn Discusses Blockchain and AI

Brian Kuhn discusses how he thinks blockchain and AI will intersect and how blockchain will benefit the AI of the future.
August 2018

The Future of Blockchain

ILTACON 2018 hosted a 4-part blockchain series. In this podcast, hear from panelists about how blockchain will impact the business of law.
August 2018

Developing a Blockchain App

In this podcast, hear panelists from the ILTACON blockchain series discuss considerations when developing a blockchain app.
August 2018

Blockchain 101

Get a sneak peak into what was discussed during the ILTACON session – Blockchain 101. Speakers Jay Hull and Glynna Christian.
August 2018

Real World Examples for Blockchain Use

Listen to several panelists share their real-world uses cases for blockchain in the legal industry.
August 2018

Thomson Reuters Demonstrates Blockchain Integration

During the GLBC Annual meeting, Thomson Reuters demonstrates the blockchain integration with Contract Express.
August 2018

Wolters Kluwer Demonstrates Blockchain Integration

During the GLBC Annual Meeting, Wolters Kluwer discusses and demonstrates their blockchain integration.
August 2018

Legal Beagles Demonstrates Blockchain Integration

During the GLBC Annual Meeting, Legal Beagles demonstrates how they have integrated blockchain into their platform.
August 2018

ServeManager Demonstrates Blockchain Integration

During the GLBC Annual Meeting, ServerManager demonstrates their blockchain integration for Service of Process.
August 2018

Technology Trends that Legal Departments Need to Know

Four trends to be aware of: Cybersecurity and GDPR, AI, Mobility and Blockchain.
May 2018

It’s Time We Burst These Misconceptions About Blockchain

With so many misconceptions about blockchain, it’s hard for many to truly understand its potential. This article discusses those misconceptions as well as some of the advantages of blockchain.
May 2018

Smart Contracts: The Future of Contracts, Brought To You By Blockchain

Smart contracts are a transformative new technology that can revolutionize the way businesses process deals.
May 2018

Blockchain Essentials (IBM)

Learn about blockchain for business and explore key use cases that demonstrate how the technology adds value.

Blockchain for Business: An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies (edX)

Discover the power of business blockchains and distributed ledger technologies with an overview of Hyperledger and introductions to its key frameworks.
2018 (Updated Regularly)

FutureLaw 2018 | Beyond ICOS: Blockchain as Legal Tech

Watch a panel discussion about how blockchain works, its use cases and the excitement that decentralization is causing in the industry.
Run time: 0:50
April 2018

Blockchain and the Law: What Lawyers (and their clients) Need to Know

This webinar examines what blockchain technology is, discusses use cases, and talks about regulatory and enforcement issues.
Run time: 1:10
Mar 2018

Blockchain: Are You Ready for Cross-Industry Disruption?

These three steps will put you in an excellent position to learn more about blockchain and give your clients (and legal career) a much-needed advantage.
Mar 2018

ABA TECHSHOW: Securing Law With Blockchain

A discussion about the various applications of blockchain, how it establishes security and authenticity, and how their companies are currently allowing blockchain to add functionality to their existing software.
Run time: 0:21
Mar 2018

Blockchain: Disrupting Industries and Transforming Legal Roles

Lawyers who embrace the opportunity to learn more about blockchain technology will be more effective advisors in the coming years.
Feb 2018

The Impact of Blockchain on the Legal Profession

This article discusses what blockchain is and how it will impact the legal industry through smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and beyond.
Feb 2018

Blockchain Technology Catching On In Legal Industry

This article discusses the way blockchain may impact day-to-day legal practices, and in some firms such as K & L Gates, already is.
Feb 2018

Blockchain Disruption Beyond Bitcoin

With so many industries facing disruption from the blockchain revolution, it’s easy to see how any lawyer can benefit from learning more about this emerging technology.
Jan 2018

How Blockchain Technology Can Drive the Legal Industry

This article considers the most significant implications of decentralized technologies in the legal industry. The conclusion? Law firms owe it to the profession and their clients to learn more about how disruptive technologies can help them provide cutting-edge services.
Jan 2018

7 Ways Blockchain Will Change the Legal Industry Forever

The 7 ways blockchain will impact the legal world: smart contracts, intellectual property, blockchain law, property rights, chain of custody, financial transactions, and notary public.
Jan 2018

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies in Legal

Watch an ILTACON panel discussion about what is happening now with blockchain in legal and what we might see in the future.
Run time: 1:02
Dec 2017

Changing the Legal Game with Blockchain

Listen to this panel discussion about the benefits of using blockchain and its application in the legal industry.
Run time: 0:25
Oct 2017

Blockchain 101 For Lawyers: Part 1

The three things lawyers need to understand about blockchain: what it is, how it’s impacting clients, and how it will impact the legal profession.
Jan 2017

Blockchain 101 for Lawyers: Part 2

Learn about how blockchain will impact the practice of law and what new opportunities may exist because of it.
Jan 2017

TED Talk: How the blockchain is changing money and business

Blockchain represents the second generation of the internet and holds vast promise.
Run time: 0:18
Sept 2016

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