The Blockchain-Enabled Legal Department

Legal departments are frequently faced with significant challenges as a result of technology friction with co-counsel and with outside counsel, including problems of systems interoperability, data reconciliation, and security concerns. Blockchain technology has the potential to resolve these issues by supporting secure interactions between disparate legal departments and their clients with near perfect integrity.

A blockchain-enabled legal department will be able to natively support blockchain projects  and technologies. Blockchain technology can be integrated into almost any modern software application. Because most blockchain tools, such as the Integra Ledger, use a RESTful API, even developers without blockchain experience can integrate this technology. Existing use-cases include document management systems, email encryption, document version control, and smart documents.

Full documentation on becoming a blockchain enabled legal department will be provided upon request to all GLBC participants that have signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

If your organization hasn’t yet signed the MOU, click here to send an email and get the process started.

GLBC Participants - Start Your Journey To Blockchain!

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