Joining the GLBC

What is the GLBC?

The Global Legal Blockchain Consortium is a global network of key stakeholders in the legal industry, working toward the standardization, governance, and application of blockchain and related technologies in global legal systems.


What is the GLBC’s Mission?

The mission of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium is to enhance the security, privacy, productivity, and interoperability of the legal technology ecosystem.


What are the GLBC’s goals?

An interoperable and secure global legal industry enabled by blockchain and related technologies, for the benefit of clients (both individuals and organizations), in-house lawyers, law firms, other kinds of legal service providers, law schools, and other stakeholders. A universal system for identities for law, including (for example) client identify, matter identity and document identity, using blockchain or related technologies.


Membership Cost

Currently zero. It is anticipated that eventual membership fees will be nominal. Members are developing proofs of concepts with blockchain technology.

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