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The world’s oldest and most established legal organizations realize the benefits of blockchain technology. However, without major intermediaries providing convenience and guidance, industries must band together to jointly develop standards and governance.

Participating Locations

The Mission

The Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC) organizes and aligns global legal industry stakeholders  to enhance the security, privacy, productivity, and interoperability of blockchain technology. Furthermore, the GLBC adopts policies that promotes a universal blockchain-based technology infrastructure for law.

About 85 organizations are involved with the GLBC in creating these standards and governance. Several of them are collaborating and creating blockchain-based solutions.

The Latest

BYU 100th Organization Joins

BYU Law, a leading national law school based in Provo, Utah, announced that it will join the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC), an association of 100 companies that operates to augment the security, productivity, privacy and interoperability of blockchain...

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Watch the GLBC Annual Meeting

Recordings of the GLBC Annual Meeting are now available on the GLBC YouTube channel. The full recording is posted, along with individual presentations.

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